Arizona’s Complicated Appeals Process

The Arizona court system can be a tangled jungle, and it’s not reasonable to expect anyone to figure it out in a short time while dealing with the stress of a trial. Appealing decisions made in your case can give you a second chance, if you can make a strong argument that the decision was made on weak legal grounds. A panel of judges will be looking at these arguments, which are usually written and need to be formatted in a certain way.

Timing is Everything

Following a verdict, there is a set time frame for appealing the decision. So, if you plan on appealing you should not drag your feet. You need to move on filing an appeal right away, but first you need to know if filing an appeal is even the right course of action for you.

You can find some basic assistance on how to proceed at the Arizona Courts government website. The problem with this, though, is you may need a legal dictionary next to you, as it isn’t written in layman’s terms. Your lawyer can make sure you don’t miss any important deadlines or opportunities to improve your outcome.

Different Kinds of Appeals

When you file an appeal, there’s not a simple, universal form. That would just be too easy. There are different types of appeals, and which type you use comes down to what kind of case you are involved in. As there is a specialized appeals process for each kind of case, attempting to do this on your own is a difficult road to follow, and it might cost you the chance to appeal altogether. That’s why having an attorney who knows how to quickly navigate the system is so important.

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