What’s the difference between a speeding ticket and reckless driving in Arizona?

Speeding Tickets

A speeding ticket is given when you either;

  1. Drive 20mph over the set speed limit.
  2. Drive over 85mph anywhere in the state.
  3. Drive over 35mph in a school zone.

A speeding offender is charged with a class 3 misdemeanor. This can earn you a 30 days maximum jail term and a $500 fine. Additional charges will include; 3 points on your license or its suspension in the case of too many points, your car being towed or increased insurance rates.

Reckless Driving

A reckless driving charge is given when you drive in a manner which endangers lives and property.This includes; using wrong lanes, swerving between lanes, driving through red lights and disregarding the traffic rules among other offenses.

A first time offender is charged with a class 2 misdemeanor. This could earn you a maximum four months jail term and a $750 dollar fine. It could additionally earn you 8 points on your license and a traffic survival school course. In addition, your license could be revoked for not more than 90 days.

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