CDL Suspensions in Arizona

CDL suspension can result in the loss of your livelihood, often for bureaucratic and easily avoided reasons. Keeping your CDL is partially a function of staying within the law, and partially administrative in nature.

Administrative Disqualifications

You need several pieces of paperwork on a regular basis to maintain your CDL. Firstly, you need your DOT Medical Examination Report, which physically qualifies you to operate a commercial vehicle. Secondly, you need a Medical Examiner’s Certificate on file, which is only kept on for 3 years. If anything is not up to par legally, you can request a hearing within 15 days after your notice is sent. Keep in mind that if your CDL is suspended, it stays suspended until your hearing clears you for reinstatement.

You have a limited span of time for clearing up a disqualification, suspension or revocation. After a year, having your CDL suspended makes it expired and invalid. After this point, you need to retake every skill and written test and pay for your licensing and reinstatement, as if you were starting from square one.

Violations and Disqualifications 

If you do something that involves felonious producing, distributing or dispensing a controlled substance, your CDL is disqualified for life, period. Further, major violations include leaving the scene of an accident, committing a felony using a commercial vehicle, and exceeding the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration while operating.

Other violations include driving 15 or more miles per hour above the speed limit, following too closely, erratically changing lanes, and other traffic issues. CDL-specific violations can include logbook falsification or failing to keep a logbook, or having an overweight vehicle without a permit. Even driving on a road of an incorrect grade for the purpose can result in having your CDL suspended.

Suspension and disqualification periods range from 60 days to life. If you are facing charges that may result in a blow to your livelihood, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced traffic law attorney in Arizona.

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