Pulled Over While Working As An Uber or Lyft Driver

As a driver for Lyft or Uber, you are an independent contractor with the ability to work whenever you desire. While this comes with benefits, you also face potential drawbacks. Learn what happens if you get a traffic ticket during a rideshare shift.

Citation Involving an Accident

If you are involved in an accident while transporting a passenger it is important for you to first contact the police (or 911, if it is a serious accident). You then need to contact Uber or Lyft and inform them of the situation. They will send another driver out to pick up your passenger. The law does not dictate informing Uber or Lyft, but it is probably in the best interest of you and your passenger.

Rideshare Apps and Workers’ Compensation

You can report safety concerns on Lyft’s website or app. Uber also requests reports for situations in which passenger behaviors may have directly caused a safety incident.

However, these reports will not necessarily result in compensation for your injuries, or any work time lost as a result. Because you are a private contractor, rideshare companies are not required to hold workers’ compensation policies for their drivers. If injured during a traffic incident, you must rely on vehicle insurance personal injury coverage.

Lyft and Uber Insurance Liability

Lyft offers insurance for service providers. You need to have your driver mode turned on for coverage to take effect. You still need personal auto insurance. Always check Lyft’s official help center in case their policies change.

Uber offers insurance meant to supplement your personal auto insurance policy. Read more here.

You might consider commercial driver insurance to cover your passengers in the event of an accident during your rideshare shift. Compare the coverage offered by your rideshare company with policies offered by your insurance company to make sure there are no gaps in coverage.

If you feel you qualify for insurance coverage and have not received it, whether from Uber, Lyft or your personal policy, please contact us.

Standard Traffic Laws

If you are cited for breaking standard traffic laws, there isn’t much either Uber or Lyft can do for you. Uber and Lyft hold you responsible for traffic tickets. At this time, we can’t fight to make the companies pay for your citation, but we can help dismiss or reduce charges you may face. Should you find yourself facing a traffic ticket as a rideshare driver, contact Pinnacle Law as soon as possible to protect your livelihood.

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