List of Common Holiday Criminal Charges

The holiday season can be stressful, which may be why certain types of arrests tend to occur more during this period than any other time of the year. The most common arrests during the holiday season are for DUIs, shoplifting and identity theft.

Crimes During the Holiday Season

DUIs tend to happen most often during the holiday season due to the fact that there are more occasions to drink. This leads to strong enforcement campaigns during this time of year. The best way to avoid a DUI is to always have a designated driver or to simply take a cab if you think that you might have a drink. Plan ahead, download a ridesharing app, and surrender your keys to a sober friend for the evening.

Shoplifting and Theft During the Holidays

Shoplifting crimes go up during the holidays as well. Lots of people face financial pressure, and feel guilty if they cannot provide gifts to their loved ones that meet their standards. Shoplifting can be tempting if the store is crowded and it seems like you might get away with it – especially if you don’t want to stand in that long line and all you want is some minor item.

However, stores are well prepared for the potential shoplifters during the holidays. Not only do most stores have some kind of security system in place that will sound the alarm if you try to take a product out of the store or that will catch you on camera, but they may hire plainclothes security guards to patrol their stores as well.

If you watch the local news, you’ll see anchors gloating over stories where burglars are caught by home security systems. It’s kind of an annual tradition in Phoenix, right next to our tradition of gloating about our lack of snow when the rest of the country is miserable. The point is, more and more homeowners are taking a proactive approach to collecting evidence in the event that something is stolen off the front porch.

On the subject of theft, it’s worth mentioning that consumer advocates warn of increased identify theft this time of year. This more sophisticated, anonymous form of mugging can be difficult to prosecute, so keep an eye on your accounts and protect your data.

If you are charged with a crime during the holiday season, you’ll want to work with an experienced legal team that treats you like a person, not a problem or a paycheck. Contact Pinnacle Law if you’ve been arrested in Phoenix or Maricopa County.

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