Guide to CDL Violations in Arizona

Getting a CDL (commercial driver’s license) in Arizona requires that you pass certain tests that are based on skills and knowledge. There are also three different classifications that require specific CDL licenses. Such specific testing is in place because handling large vehicles is inherently more dangerous than driving a standard car, especially if the truck is carrying potentially dangerous substances. As a result, violations are taken extremely seriously.

CDL Violations

First of all, CMV (commercial motor vehicle) operators must follow the exact same laws as everyone else on the road. When it comes to normal traffic violations (speeding, reckless driving, etc), the first violation generally won’t result in major consequences. However, disqualification from the CDL can result if:

  • You’re found guilty of a second violation within three years, resulting in a 60-day disqualification.
  • You’re found guilty of a third violation within three years, resulting in a 120-day disqualification.

These consequences also apply to railroad-highway grade crossing offenses. Additionally, a third railroad-highway grade crossing violation within three years will result in a one-year disqualification.

When it comes to major violations, such as DUIs, you’re likely to get a year-long disqualification for the first incident and a lifetime disqualification for a second.

You can also be penalized with fines or CDL suspensions and disqualifications for the following:

  • Carrying an oversized load
  • Falsifying or failing to keep up-to-date log books
  • Speeding while you are towing a trailer
  • Driving on a road where you’re not permitted to drive as a result of the road’s grade.
  • Having multiple CDLs from different states.

If you have been arrested as a result of a CDL violation and are faced with the possibility of losing your CDL and/or a harsh sentence, then you should speak with an experienced truck driving attorney by contacting us at Pinnacle Law today.

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