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Criminal Law
A felony charge is forever. As former Arizona prosecutors, our defensive strategy aims to disrupt threats against your record and reputation. Knowledge, experience and a genuine understanding of your unique situation can make all the difference. We support you. We understand. We’re in this together.
You’re not a criminal. On paper, a DUI charge has the power to change that. Our business is personal. We fight to prevent life’s challenges from defining you. With us, you have options, and a criminal conviction isn’t one of them.
Traffic Law
More than “just” a speeding ticket. Traffic violations pose serious threat to your career, your family...even your credit. To protect your livelihood against permanent damage caused by a traffic violation, we’re always one step ahead of the process.
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This is Law Humanized™

Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations

CDL Violations



Misdemeanor Charges

Felony Charges

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To fervently represent and defend the livelihood of individuals facing criminal, DUI or traffic charges, while providing them with the personal attention, strong communication and respect they deserve.

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