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Attorney John M. Rhude is recognized & decorated as one of Arizona’s best lawyers when it comes to contesting CDL Citations, Criminal Speeding, Excessive Speeding, Traffic Violations, Photo Radar Tickets and his nearly 200 legitimate client reviews maintaining a 5 star rating is a further testament to his abilities, knowledge, passion and commitment to his clients and the law.

He is an expert traffic attorney who has been practicing law in Arizona for 18 years and during that time has established trust and respect with judges across Arizona courts, law enforcement agencies across Arizona, and clients just the same. Pinnacle Law has consistently received countless dismissals, not guilty verdicts and reduced charges for their clients.

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The bottom line is you need an attorney who will genuinely protect your rights. Any traffic infraction can impact your career, cost you fines and effect your ability to drive.  Contact us today or fill out the form and one of our professional & friendly staff members will get in touch with you to explorer solutions and options.

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