Traffic Law

Whether you are a commercial truck driver or a civilian driver, a traffic violation could cost you. Between points on your record, criminal conviction, costly insurance premiums, and your license being revoked or suspended, your livelihood could be at risk. Don’t assume that traffic tickets and violations are no big deal -- only the experienced attorneys at Pinnacle Law can simplify this process and help you in court.

A ticket may seem little more than a temporary inconvenience. Without prompt action, traffic violations can quickly destroy your life, your job and your future. Tickets on your driving record may result in costly insurance premium increases, sometimes hindering eligibility for insurance at all. With added points to your license, ignoring a traffic violation can eventually lead to a suspended license or a warrant for your arrest. Our legal team will handle the multiple court dates that are required and negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf. Do not walk into the courtroom alone.

Getting you back on the road without a dent in your record is our top priority. Pinnacle Law can drive results against: