It can be overwhelming to face the consequences of a DUI charge. What are your options? Can you afford the fines? How will this affect your job? You’re not alone. A DUI can happen to anyone, it doesn’t make you a criminal. But, if convicted, your record will prove different. In Arizona, DUI, Extreme DUI, and Super Extreme DUI are all misdemeanor offenses, meaning even a first offense can bring about serious repercussions.

We can bring clarity during this time of uncertainty. Your fate has not been decided. We’ll use our experience as former Arizona prosecutors to be your voice. Tent city jail time, probation, fines, license suspensions, points on your license, mandatory interlock ignition device—the aftermath of a DUI charge can prove detrimental to your future.

Our experienced law team will fight to dismiss or reduce the charges so you can maintain a clean record and move forward with your life. Pinnacle Law will empower you with the knowledge that you need to understand your legal rights against: